How to Prepare Your Body and Mind for Essay Writing

Бизнес >> 06.03.2019

There is more to writing an essay than just transforming your thoughts and findings into words on paper. It is an exhaustive part of any student’s life because if you lack the concentration or creativity, you won’t be able to create a high-quality essay.

While so many articles and blog posts worry about the writing process, not that many covers your physical and mental well-being. You need to take care of yourself and find some motivation in order to get through this period and have enough will to persist during writing. The following tips aim to help you to go painlessly through the exam period and rock the essay exams!

Get Your Body Moving

Writing an essay demands a lot of sitting. Bad posture can easily cause pain in your back and tension in your neck. If you start feeling stiffness and tension in your body, that will distract you from what’s important and that is writing.

Think ahead and dodge this problem but regularly doing some sort of exercise.

By exercise, I don’t mean full body workout but simply include in your routine a few stretches before you sit down and start writing or typing for hours.

Another helpful tip is to take a quick walk during the break time. You will breathe the fresh air, relax, and get your body moving all at the same time. If you want you can bring your dog along or ask a friend to join.

Take Breaks

This is an extremely important step because if you push yourself too hard, you will get overwhelmed and lose your focus.

When you start feeling that you are simply not making progress anymore, this is the alarm for taking a break.

Producing an endless string of perfectly compose words can get tiring so you need to allow your brain to get some rest and boost the energy.

During the break time, do whatever you feel like doing, whatever you enjoy the most. Allow yourself some you-time which will refresh you and get you reacquainted with your creativity.

Find a Safe Net

When you have someone to watch your back, you will feel more secure and confident. It would be great if you have someone around who is willing to give you a helping hand, read your essay when you get stuck, and be your moral support.

Even if you don’t need anyone’s assistance, it will help your brain to relax if you know that there is someone out there who can jump in if you get stuck.

In case you don’t want to bother anyone or you are simply more of an introvert, what you should do is to find and prepare some online services that you can use if you lack inspiration or need some help.

In this way, you won’t have to interrupt your writing process to find some online help because you’ll already have everything set and ready to use.

Whether you need a proofreading tool like Grammarly or online writing service such as Get Academic Help, just do your research and make a list of useful services and apps.

Enjoy the Music

Whenever you need some relaxation, music can be your solution. Just listen to some of your favorite songs and let yourself to enjoy every melody.

Some even find to be more productive if they play music during the writing so don’t be hesitant to try that trick. According to Theresa’s Lesuik article on the psychology of music, background music enhances performance on cognitive tasks, improves accuracy, and enables the completion of repetitive tasks more efficiently.

Music can also get you moving and adding a little bit of exercise in your daily routine. Just crank up the volume and dance to your favorite rhythm.

There is just something about moving around your room like a famous rock star that makes us feel happy and care-free and that is exactly what you need during this exhausting period.


Considering that writing is a lonely process where your only friend is your laptop and some books for research, you should prepare yourself for that upcoming period.

Spend your free time or break time with friends and family. Having your loved ones close will fill you with positive energy so you’ll be ready to start or get back where you left off.

Of course, by socializing I don’t mean that you should go to every party and stay until 3a.m. Choose an activity which will allow you to be productive in the morning.

Having a cup of coffee with your friend or ranting with your colleague about the exam period will give you the support you need.

Over to You

With these handy little tips on your side, you’ll be fully ready for writing whichever type of essay comes in your way. When your body is energized and your mind is relaxed and boosted with creativity, you won’t have to worry about how your essay will come out.

Allow yourself to have some fun during the break time, and take care of your body and mind. Don’t forget that a happy mind is a productive mind!