Houston Immigrant Attorneys: EB1A work visa to the USA

Авто >> 14.01.2021

The advantage of visas in the above category is that they do not require an employer and do not require a Labor Department certificate, unlike other work visas. You obtain the visa in the United States or in the place where you live. Together with a petition for this visa, you may file a petition for a green card. This will allow you to obtain residency status with the help of Citizenship Attorney Houston, TX. One of the main questions that arise when you first are acquainted with the EB-1a immigration visa, is "What is the outstanding ability and how to prove that I have it".

The definition of "outstanding ability" hides national or international recognition in the professional sphere. To obtain an EB-1a immigrant visa to the United States, you must document to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) that you possess this recognition and will continue to work in your field after you move to the United States. However, outstanding abilities are not just natural genius or innate ability, but hard work, professional demand, and commercial success.

Criteria for Selecting Candidates for EB-1a Visa to the United States

People with documented proof of their unique abilities and contribution to the development of the professional sphere are eligible to apply for the EB-1a visa. USCIS Adjustment Of Status Attorney can help in this case. Athletes who have won several national or international competitions, such as Olympic champions, world or national championship winners, or winners of various cups or records. Recognized artists in their home country or the world, as well as recipients of awards and scholarships in their professional field.

Executives with the highest level of qualifications and extensive experience, acting as experts at professional conferences in their home country or around the world and holding awards in their professional field. If you think you might be eligible for EB-1A status, please contact immigration attorney houston tx.

An experienced attorney will help you find out how the Department of State will decide in your particular case. He or she knows the full list of documents you will need to apply.

Even if an immigration lawyer determines you are not qualified to apply for an EB-1A visa, they will offer you a suitable alternative. If you do not meet the requirements, it is better to find out from the immigration lawyer in Houston, TX who is handling your case. If you meet the requirements, you can be sure that these same attorneys will make sure that all your documents and application are complete correctly before sending your case for consideration. The Houston immigration attorney will know exactly how to make sure that the process is efficient and leads to the best and quickest results.